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open source technologies helps our clients optimize their IT
infrastructures and achieve their business goals.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Running an in house IT department can be pricey and cost time and effort. Hiring and training IT staff, maintaining IT devices, keeping technology up-to-date and other factors can often be a burden and security risk for small and medium-sized companies. Outsourcing IT activities will allow refocusing on business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service.

Monitoring Services

We offer monitoring entire IT infrastructure and diagnose problems before they occur or identify immediately when problems arise, which in turn reduce downtime and business loss. We recommend implementing Nagios Monitoring Solution.

Retainer Services

Dedicated IT staff or outsourced support is not required for certain companies. Problem arises once in a while that needs to be fixed. Tech Patriates can assure on call support remote or on-site. Click here to contact.

Our Customers

A few of the organizations that choose Tech Patriates to handle their IT requirements are listed here.

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